Northern Alaska Environmental Center

Northern Alaska Environmental Center

The Northern Center promotes conservation of the environment and sustainable resource stewardship in Interior and Arctic Alaska through education and advocacy.

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Love is the Way Premiere
Love is the Way Premiere

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Join The Northern Center for the Alaska premiere of our new film, Love is the Way, a film that brings together the voices speaking in defense of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Highlighting the generations of stewardship by Gwich’in and Iñupiaq people and inspired in part by footage of the late photographer Michio Hoshino, this film explores the friendships, values, and stories shaped by the place, and the strong commitments to its protection. As the Trump administration pushes a decades-old political agenda, this film reminds us of the sacred connections between us, and the ways that a place can teach us how to live with respect and compassion. A film by Jeremy LàZelle and Kristin Gates & Produced by The Northern Alaska Environmental Center

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